Our Staff

kevinkevin asmann – kevin grew up in augusta georgia. he requested that this not be capitalized for “artistic purposes,” but we think he’s just lazy. he had no clue at the time that he wanted to be a writer. later he grew up a few other places, from charleston to istanbul, and this is when he decided he wanted to be a writer. and now he writes. he supports this habit by coaching soccer and taking more college classes so he can get a real job when he needs it, which will be soon if he keeps up these antics.



paulPaul Jackson – Major Paul Jackson is out of his space/time.  He belongs back in the 1860’s, fighting for the confederacy.  There is a bit of the schizophrenic to him: while serving as chaplain for his regiment, he also portrays Brigadier General Gabriel Rains when he takes out his frustrations fighting the invading Yankee hoards. He has published three novels, with one soon to come out.  Besides novels, he writes plays, poetry, essays, and sarcastic Facebook posts.  He is old, furry, and his cat loves him—usually.



Sydney - ColorSydney is a self-professed “Literati” who dreams of a future filled with awards and accolades for crafting outstanding fiction. While working towards a Bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing, he sharpens his skills as the journal’s intern. He is a quixotic soul, a die-hard INFP, and hero in his own mind. His best friend is a gray tabby cat named Mephistopheles (there is a 50/50 chance that it is imaginary).




ANgelAngel Cleary – Angel came to Augusta in the military as an Arabic linguist, then did a two-year stint as a news writer, and now teaches music and choir. She floated the idea of a literary magazine to her local writing group, whichs, thank God, ran with the idea. She finds the use of semi-colons difficult; she deliberately uses them anyway. Her son, Ian, is eight and says he is going to start a rock band named Baby Mustache. She will be its biggest fan.



TimTim Hicks – Tim Hicks has worked as a photographer, reporter and editor in newspapers for more than 15 years. He has also done some public relations work, photographed weddings and made dentures in past jobs. Now he works as a research grant writer. He enjoys history, reading (obviously!), cooking, metal detecting and collecting hats. His secret goals are finding buried treasure, a London bobby’s helmet, learning to fly and beating mah-jongg.

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