You might be a writer if….

…while on a walk with your children you hear hundreds of birds off in the distance chirping and squawking away and the following stream of consciousness runs through your head.

Oh no! Did I roll out of bed and land in the middle of an Alfred Hitchcock movie? Are my children and I going to be pecked to death and have our bony remains put on display at the Jeffersonian? Will Dr. Brennan examine us or will she have one of her wacky interns do it? Will Booth be there? Well shoot. It never occurred to me when I woke up today I might get to meet Booth. I should have done my hair and makeup first. Seriously?  What am I thinking?  Those birds aren’t going to peck us to death.   I know what caused this delusional thought process.  It was that crazy dream I had last night about the snakes that were falling from the sky.  It felt so real I thought I could feel them landing on my back.  What was it the dream dictionary said?  Oh yeah….any time someone dreams of snakes and they are afraid in their dream it means something ominous is about to happen.  Birds pecking us to death could be ominous….in a completely delusional, mommy-needs-more-sleep, kind of way. What would I do if snakes started falling from the sky?  Would Samuel L. Jackson be there to save me or would I be bitten to death?  How would I protect my children?  Would I be the damsel in distress or the hero?  Is damsel in distress supposed to be hyphenated? Did I spell hyphenated right?  Spell check isn’t highlighting it so maybe it’s right.  I should have more coffee. Uh oh.  The baby’s not happy. Time to get back to my Mommy duties.

If this is how your mind works and you’re brave enough to admit it, you might be a writer.

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Until next week,

A. Marie

A Movie, Two Conferences, and a Contest

It’s Friday night.  Angel or I are supposed to blog today.  We’ve decided she’ll talk and I’ll type.  And I may change some of her words into mine.  It’s been a long day.  She’s been sick.  She’s half asleep.  I’m ready to just do nothing and watch a movie.  Not even a good one.  Yes you think I’m leading you to some push for strength and pressing on and write at all costs no matter the moment.  No, I’m not.  But yes, you should, if you feel like it.  I, I mean we, are going to make this one more like reality.  Instead of any more complaining we give you the following:  two of next year’s conferences known for their high agent to writer ratio.  We plan to attend and we’ve heard they are really good.  And the closing date for an upcoming contest.  Not ours, someone else’s.

Have a look around, and then go watch a movie.  About writing.  Like Ruby Sparks.  Angel says you’ll like it.  If you like movies about writing.

South Carolina Writers Workshop:  – great conference aside from the fact that it’s in Myrtle Beach this year.

The Writer’s League of Texas Agents and Editors Conference: – not sure if writers are allowed.  We suggest crashing it. Ha.  Ha.

12/15/2013 is the deadline for the ‘Short Short Story Competition’ from Writer’s Digest:

Okay.  Movie time.  Ciao.

kevin & Angel