Hot Off The Presses, Author A. B. Harms’ New Book: Bewildered

Hello and thank you for having me as a guest, Southern Tablet! I’m A. B. Harms, author of Bewildered, my debut novel and the first in the Bewilderness Tales series. I’m so excited to introduce myself and the world where Bewildered takes place: Bewilderness!

Bewildered is a middle-grade adventure tale. If you like Alice in Wonderland, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, or the legendary Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, then you may enjoy Bewildered too!
Bewildered cover with seal

Our story starts when way-too-serious-and-a-bit-OCD, Prudence Parks, get the news that her father has died in a sandstorm. Prudence is shocked. Her father? Gone. Her schedule? A complete disaster. And Prudence is lost without them. Horrible, right? Without a moment’s debate, her nanny shuttles her away to an orphanage—lucky for us, she doesn’t make it. Instead, while at the train station, she winds up boarding a magical train and embarks upon a wild adventure.

Rather than take the road most traveled, our unwilling hero takes the window seat—which she falls out of—and gets to see more of Bewilderness than your typical tourist. In fact, one must wonder if perhaps she sees more than she’s supposed to—more than even most Bewilderish creatures know about.

She tumbles through the dark abyss of The Nothingness, meets a mangy crew of sand-ship pirates in The Corridor, and—just in the nick of time—escapes to Bewilderness proper where she can finally take the train back home… right?


Bewilderness has more in store for her than a classic “I-took-a-wrong-turn-in-Albuquerque ” experience. She’s chased, scrutinized, and tossed in a dungeon, all for claiming to be human—but the Match King has other plans. He needs Prudence’s help to do what he could never manage—find the Paper Heart. If she finds it, he’ll help her get home. But is the Match King a simple treasure hunter, or are his ambitions more sinister?

Bewilderness is a place where dreams come true, literally—it’s a world created from human imagination, but not everyone is a happy resident. The reclusive Match King stows away in his iron-clad castle and cryptically explains why he needs Prudence’s help. Eventually we find out what he really wants—to end Bewilderness’ existence altogether.

Bewilderness is a land of constant change, where the map shifts and mountains can hike up their foothills and dance away. It’s where hidden passages hide ancient treasure, a place where anything can, and does, happen.  But there is more to Bewilderness than we see in this story…places where things from nightmares exist, but that is a place we will visit in a future Bewilderness Tale. For now, we will busy ourselves with the Key Lime Sea’s creamy waters, outwit the UnNavigatable Forest’s beastly tricks, and seek refuge inside The Fabrikator’s Wandering Shack when things become too much.

Join me on a fantastic adventure in BEWILDERED, A Bewilderness Tale, Book One—AVAILABLE NOW in eBook and print!

ABHarms Author Photo

-A.B. Harms

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About the Author

A. B. Harms was born a writer. From a young age, she made her own picture books with crayons and a stapler. As a teenager, she won essay contests. Yet, when she began her career, being an author was the last thing she considered. Finally, after working every job imaginable from waitress to social worker and earning her degree in Psychology, she realized what she was always meant to do–write! A. B. is from Missouri, has gone around the world and back again, and now lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her family, a pet sloth, who resembles a Great Dane, and a black cat, who moonlights as an assassin. No matter where she hangs her hat, she finds herself at home down the rabbit hole.


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