A Movie, Two Conferences, and a Contest

It’s Friday night.  Angel or I are supposed to blog today.  We’ve decided she’ll talk and I’ll type.  And I may change some of her words into mine.  It’s been a long day.  She’s been sick.  She’s half asleep.  I’m ready to just do nothing and watch a movie.  Not even a good one.  Yes you think I’m leading you to some push for strength and pressing on and write at all costs no matter the moment.  No, I’m not.  But yes, you should, if you feel like it.  I, I mean we, are going to make this one more like reality.  Instead of any more complaining we give you the following:  two of next year’s conferences known for their high agent to writer ratio.  We plan to attend and we’ve heard they are really good.  And the closing date for an upcoming contest.  Not ours, someone else’s.

Have a look around, and then go watch a movie.  About writing.  Like Ruby Sparks.  Angel says you’ll like it.  If you like movies about writing.

South Carolina Writers Workshop:  http://myscww.org/conference/  – great conference aside from the fact that it’s in Myrtle Beach this year.

The Writer’s League of Texas Agents and Editors Conference:  http://www.writersleague.org/38/Conference – not sure if writers are allowed.  We suggest crashing it. Ha.  Ha.

12/15/2013 is the deadline for the ‘Short Short Story Competition’ from Writer’s Digest:  http://www.writersdigest.com/competitions/short-short-story-competition

Okay.  Movie time.  Ciao.

kevin & Angel

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